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Essex SwiftWatch Summary 2018

Essex SwiftWatch Summary 2018 Written by Jeremy Hatt for The Egret - Issue 35 - Volume 1 The Essex County Field Naturalists’ Club continues to help monitor Chimney Swifts in Essex County by searching for new nesting sites, spring roost monitoring, and Swift Night Out events. This article summarizes the results of 2018. The Chimney Swift is currently listed as a Threatened species in Ontario, which means the species is not endangered, but is likely [...]

Gull Watching at the Essex-Windsor Regional Landfill

Gull Watching at the Essex-Windsor Regional Landfill Written by Jeremy Hatt for The Egret - Volume 35 Issue 1 The Essex-Windsor Regional Landfill is a great place to look at gulls in Essex County. In the colder months, many gulls migrating south stop over or overwinter in the Great Lakes region including Lake Erie, Lake St. Clair, and the Detroit River. The landfill provides an alternative food source for these overwintering gulls when food becomes [...]

Earth Day Bake Sale

Earth Day Bake Sale Written by Cathy Lapain for The Egret - Issue 35 - Number 1 Sunday April 28, 2019 Please join us at Malden park for a Heritage Committee fundraiser 10:00a.m. to 3:00pm. Looking for volunteers to donate bake goods and help at the booth (2 hour shifts or whatever you can do) (You do not need to belong to the Heritage Committee). Please contact Cathy Lapain at aclapain@gmail.com. We need many bake [...]

International Day of Action for Rivers

International Day of Action for Rivers Written by Gina Pannunzio for The Egret, Issue 35- Number 1 Aerial photo of Peche Island, showing the beginning of the Detroit River by Lake St. Clair. Photo credit: the Detroit River Canadian Cleanup. Each year on March 14, International Day of Action for Rivers recognizes and celebrates efforts made around the world to protect and restore rivers. Globally, rivers often share boundaries with numerous jurisdictions, and this day [...]

Cedar Creek Christmas Bird Count

Cedar Creek Christmas Bird Count Written by Paul Pratt for The Egret, Issue 35- Number 1 The thirty-fourth Cedar Creek CBC was held Saturday December 15, 2018. This count originally started in part to help count the huge winter roost of American Crows in Essex. Although relatively few crows have been counted in recent years (32 in 2018) our peak count recorded 117, 149 in 2000. By 2004 the Essex roost started to decline as [...]