Over the years, Essex County Nature has published a few books and field guides that promote our natural flora and fauna. These publications are available for purchase through the club.

Fishes of Essex County and Surrounding Waters –
Dr. Lynda D. Corkum

A comprehensive field guide to the fishes in Canadian and the surrounding American waters.  This book contains descriptions, illustrations and colour photographs of over 102 freshwater fish.

Order This Book:

To order this book, visit www.fishesofessexcounty.com or contact Carl Maiolani.

Wildflowers of the Canadian Erie Islands –
Mary Celestino

This book is a guide to the wildflowers, vines and flowering shrubs found in the Erie Islands. It contains black and while illustrations as well as histories of each of the islands.

Order This Book:

To order this book, contact Dave Kraus (519-825-7491).