Summary from BioBlitz at Point Pelee National Park

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Written by Point Pelee National Park Staff for The Egret, Issue 34- Number 4

 This year was the 100thbirthday of Point Pelee National Park (1918 – 2018).  To help commemorate the occasion, several signature events occurred in the park throughout the year.  On the weekend of July 21-22, 2018, a special Point Pelee 100 BioBlitz was held from 12:00 noon on July 21 to 12:00 noon on July 22.  This was the first All TaxaBioBlitz in Point Pelee National Park and it encompassed the entire park.

Despite the cool, rainy weather, over 35 dedicated expert scientists, naturalists and assistants came to the park to offer their skills, knowledge and time to discover as many living species within the park boundaries as they could.  We also benefited from 10 wonderful, committed event volunteers who helped the experience run smoothly! The number of citizen science participants who came to partake in the expert hikes, presentations and general BioBlitz excitement was between 80 – 100 people. 

Point Pelee 100 BioBlitz Results

  • Number of Observations:
  • iNaturalist observations:973
  • Other observations: 907
  • TOTAL observations: 1880
  • Species Observation Highlights:
    • Total number of species inventoried:  598 as of December 5, 2018
    • Species At Risk observed: 13

Cool Finds!

While we are still waiting for some data to come in, following is a snapshot of the unique species that made an appearance for the Point Pelee 100 BioBlitz! 

 The rare Pawpaw tree (Asimina triloba) was historically recorded in Point Pelee National Park but had not been seen since 1990.  Thought to beextirpated from the park, our tree expert was on a mission to rediscover it.  He was rewarded when he found itpoking out from the underbrush near the Woodland Nature Trail.  A tree species that was thought to be lost from the park was a very exciting find!

 A lichen expert participated in the BioBlitz andcreated the first ever lichen species list for the park.  There were 12 lichens found and identified,down to the genus or species.  This is a great list to build from for future lichen research.

Dr. Steven Paiero, from the University of Guelph Insect Collection, has only started going through our catch of insects from the Middle Island portion of the BioBlitz but here are a few things of note.  Three species of shore bug (Saldidae) were found out on the rocky shores, many hanging scorpionflies (Bittacus strigosus, Bittacidae) and the damsel bug Nabisamericolimbatus (Nabidae) on the interior of the island, and a lot of gall-making plant lice (Psyllidae, Pachypsylla celtidismamma) and metallic woodboring beetles (Buprestidae, Agrilus) on the hackberry. Highlight swere a massive dock spider (Dolomedes tenebrosus) and Phloeotribussca bricollis, a species of scolytine weevil that bores into the Common Hop Tree that has only been collected in southwestern Ontario from Middle Island!!

Spoon-leaved Moss (Bryoandersonia illecebra), an endangered species, has been recorded in the park in only 3small, fragmented locations.  During the BioBlitz the endangered moss was identified in a new location in the park where it had never been recorded before.  Avery exciting extension of a struggling population!

Preliminary data analysis shows that in total, 47 species(3 plants, 2 trees, 1 caddisfly, 12 mosses, 12 lichens and up to as many as 17moths) found during the BioBlitz may not have been previously listed for the park.  Most of them are common species,some of them are invasive, but they represent an increase in our knowledge of the park and its inhabitants.  Early detection of invasive species is also a huge benefit for park management strategies. 

 This inaugural BioBlitz for Point PeleeNational Park has created much excitement and encouragement for park staff,connecting them with many experts and participants who are as passionate about our local nature in Essex County as they are.  It was a thrilling and humbling experience to see the BioBlitz come together and be a success.  We were very happy with the outcomes.

We would like to give a big thanks to the Essex County Field Naturalists who helped before, during and after the event.   And, a big thank you to the greater community of nature-lovers who supported and participated in the event.  It was a blast!  See you next time!

‘Massive’ Dock Spider (Photo credit: Steve Paiero)
Point Pelee 100 BioBlitz Group Photo (Photo credit: Parks Canada)

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Donations to the Annual Dinner Silent Auction

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Donations to the Annual Dinner Silent Auction

Written by JoAnn Grondin, Heritage Committee Coordinator for The Egret, Issue 34- Number 4

Thank you to those who donated the following items to the ECFNC 34th Annual Dinner Silent Auction!

No. Article/Name Donated by:
1 A Walk in the Woods by Bill Bryson – new Tom Henderson
2 Compact Bowling – a table top game Sheeva Nakhaie
3 Rival Electric Fondue Pot Sheeva Nakhaie
4 Two small bird statues (batteries can be used) Sheeva Nakhaie
5 Wine smarts (a trivia game) Sheeva Nakhaie
6 Birds in glass – a paper weight Sheeva Nakhaie
7 The World of Birds -a jigsaw puzzle Sheeva Nakhaie
8 Bird-opoly (boardgame) Sheeva Nakhaie
9 More urban myth – a game Sheeva Nakhaie
10 Flowers print (ready for framing) Bonnie Ross
11 8 ½” numbered plate – Oak Creek Canyon Regal Gift Shop
12 Redstart numbered plate – 5780G by Ursula Band Ralph Benoit
13 Golden Oriole numbered plate – 6873E by Ursula Band Ralph Benoit
14 Corsican Nuthatch numbered plate – 7450H by Ursula Band Ralph Benoit
15 Red Robin numbered plate – 8263A by Ursula Band Ralph Benoit
16 Chaffinch numbered plate – 2596B by Ursula Band Ralph Benoit
17 Great Titmouse numbered plate – 5063F by Ursula Band Ralph Benoit
18 Georgian Bay Goldeneyes numbered print – 195/500 – Wildlife Habitat Conservation Stamp & Print Dave Kraus
19 Large framed “The Peregrine Falcon” print Glenn Dennis and the estate of Melvin Dennis
20 Framed “The Golden Eagle” print Glenn Dennis and the estate of Melvin Dennis
21 Framed “Flight Home” print by B.A. Bezaire, 4 ft. 2 inch. by 34 ½ inch. Glenn Dennis and the estate of Melvin Dennis
22 Framed rug hooking nature scene – 4 ft. 4” by 32 “ Glenn Dennis and the estate of Melvin Dennis
23 Framed bird in flight with fish (looks like an original water coloured picture) Glenn Dennis and the estate of Melvin Dennis
24 Framed Snowy Owl Glenn Dennis and the estate of Melvin Dennis
25 Framed Falcon in a gloved hand – looks like an original water colour picture Glenn Dennis and the estate of Melvin Dennis
26 Small framed picture of hawk on a fence Glenn Dennis and the estate of Melvin Dennis
27 Small framed picture of hawk in flight Glenn Dennis and the estate of Melvin Dennis
28 Framed oil painting copy of winter scene by Jack W, McLaren Karen Cedar
29 Framed print Reddish Egret Karen Cedar
30 Framed numbered print of a “Steller’s Jay by Carl Brenders, 375/1250 Ralph Benoit
31 Framed scenic picture by J.G. Walton Lynda Corkum
32 Framed original water colour of Great Blue Heron by A. Petrozzi 2018 Aileen Petrozzi
33 Hubble – the mirror on the universe – book Conrad Dippel
34 UNIVERSE – A Journey from Earth to the Edge of the Cosmos – book Conrad Dippel
35 The Natural History of Canadian Mammals – book Conrad Dippel
36 On the Origin of Species by Charles Darwin – book Anonymous
37 FRUIT – Edible, Inedible, Incredible – Edited by Alexandra Papadakis – book Claire and Jim McAllister
38 Armstrong – Nyjer Chardon bird seed – 8 lb. bag (moved to door prizes) Ralph Benoit
39 Armstrong – Nyjer Chardon bird seed – 8 lb. bag Ralph Benoit
40 Bowman Renaud Tax Services – 2 Basic Personal 2018 Canadian Tax Services Bowman Renaud Tax Services
41 Save the Earth . . . Don’t Give Birth – book by Jonathan Austen Dave Kraus
42 Back Road Café – $15 Gift Certificate Back Road Café
43 Bowman Renaud Tax Services – 2 Basic Personal 2018 Canadian Tax Services Bowman Renaud Tax Services
44 $50.00 Gift Card (Ultimate 10+ Restaurants) Cathy Lapain
45 Wine and Cheese Basket Cathy Lapain
46 Set of 6 Children’s Books Cathy Lapain
47 Bean Bag Toss Game Cathy Lapain
48 Ladies Hiking Boots, waterproof, size 8 ½ by Montrail (only worn once) JoAnn Grondin
49 Essential Origami Kit JoAnn Grondin
50 Tangle Art Kit JoAnn Grondin
51 Bird House with hinged roof JoAnn Grondin
52 8 inch. Christmas cat plate Peggy Hurst
53 20 inch. woven basket Peggy Hurst
54 Vania glasses – 6 Red Wine, 6 White Wine, 6 Liqueur Darlene Stracke
55 Piggy Bank 6 in. by 5 in. ceramic (used as door prize) Paul Pratt
56 China Cup and Saucer – Ontario Prov. Flower Lady Slipper Paul Pratt
57 Royal Albert China Cup and Saucer – January Snowdrops Paul Pratt
58 Butterflies of North America by John Feltwell – Book Paul Pratt
59 Birds of Canada from Lone Pine Publishing 2010 – book Paul Pratt
60 Wall Hanging “Killarney” Shirley Grondin
61 Decorative Letter Holder Shirley Grondin
62 Two bottles of Samson Wine Shirley Grondin
63 Scenic Back Pack – never used Shirley Grondin
64 Long Sleeved T-Shirt with stylized “Ojibway” in green Friends of Ojibway Prairie
65 A Guide to the Birds of the West Indies – book Bonnie Ross
66 Owl/Kestrel house (secured by Laura Foy) Jennifer Bechard, Manager, Retail Operations, Windsor,




Lee Valley

67 Bitternut Hickory tree Native Trees & Plants
68 Black Cherry tree Native Trees & Plants
69 Sausage and Honey in a Basket Native Trees & Plants
70 15 lb. bag of Sunflower seed Bob Wickett
71 Martini Asti Sparkling Wine Bob Hall-Brooks
72 Cross Stitch Flowers – framed Teresa Austrin


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ECFNC 34th Annual Dinner

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 ECFNC 34th Annual Dinner – Saturday, November 3, 2018

Written by JoAnn Grondin, Heritage Committee Coordinator for The Egret – Issue 34 – Number 4

Our Annual Dinner went very well thanks to our volunteers, those who attended, our speaker Tom Hince and our MC Steve Marks.  It was a very pleasant evening and I have lots of people to thank.  Without their help, this dinner could not take place. So, thank you to . . .

Ticket Sales:  Carl Maiolani, Ojibway Nature Centre staff, Pelee Wings staff, and me.  Our online sales were coordinated by Kory Renaud.

Set up:  Pauline Renaud, Shirley Grondin, Carl Maiolani and me.

Reception Desk:  Pauline Renaud and Kathy Lesperance.

Cashiers: Cathy Lapain, Bonnie Ross and Shirley Grondin.

The following members brought desserts:  Cathy Lapain, Shirley Grondin, Gina Pannunzio, Peggy Hurst (and me).  I apologize if I have missed anyone.

Our MC:  Steve Marks did another remarkable job.

Congratulations to Pauline Renaud, our Outstanding Achievement Award recipient.  Pauline has been a member for over 25 years and has been very helpful with Club events over the years.

Our Guest Speaker, Tom Hince, gave and interesting presentation on the history of Point Pelee, also providing some really nice pictures of the past, some of the many migrating birds that stop at the Park and some who call it home.

To Paul Pratt for introducing our guest speaker and for thanking him.

To Pauline Renaud for drawing the names for the door prize winners.

To the people who donated door prizes: Cathy Lapain, Vicki Trivett, Joe Parent, Teresa Austrin, Ralph Benoit, Peggy Hurst, Paul Pratt (and me). There were lots of door prizes so I know that I missed some people, but I don’t know who I missed.  I apologize to anyone that I missed.

For donating silent auction items: Tom Henderson, Sheeva Nakhaie, Ralph Benoit, Dave Kraus, Glenn Dennis and the estate of Melvin Dennis, Karen Cedar, Lynda Corkum, Aileen Petrozzi, Conrad Dippel, Claire and Jim McAllister, Back Road Café, Bowman Renaud Tax Services, Cathy Lapain, Peggy Hurst, Darlene Stracke, Paul Pratt, Shirley Grondin, Friends of Ojibway Prairie, Bonnie Ross, Jennifer Bechard – Lee Valley, Native Trees & Plants, Bob Wickett, Bob Hall-Brooks, Teresa Austrin, (and me).

To the Fogolar Furlan staff.  The meal was very good, the service was great and the desserts were no calories, just yummy.

Thank you to all who attended.  It was a great crowd and an exceptionally pleasant evening!!

Pauline Renaud, winner of the Outstanding Achievement Award with Paul Pratt, ECFNC President

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