Earth Day 2019 Planting Event

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Earth Day 2019 Planting Event

Written by Gina Pannunzio and Ian Naisbitt for The Egret – Issue 35 – Number 2

“When we plant a tree, we are doing what we can to make our planet a more wholesome and happier dwelling-place for those who come after us.” — Holmes

On Sunday, April 28, the Windsor-Essex community celebrated Earth Day 2019 by planting 2,200 trees and shrubs. We planted in Little River Corridor Park: along the Ganatchio Trail and around the pond, west of the Florence Avenue and Beverly Glenn Street junction in East Riverside.

Over 1,400 community volunteers participated in this event and many were first time planters. Volunteers worked from 10 a.m. to noon. There were 60 volunteer groups that registered to help plant. Event organizers appreciated the efforts of the 40 How 2 Crew volunteers who were an incredible force for planting trees.

Tree planting
Volunteers plant trees in Little River Corridor Park on Earth Day. Photo by Ian Naisbitt

Saturday’s foreboding forecast: “Cloudy. Periods of rain beginning this evening then changing to periods of snow or rain after midnight. Local snowfall amount: 2 cm. Wind becoming northeast 20 km/h near midnight. Low plus 2.”

Yowzah, snowfall?

Sunday morning’s forecast: “Periods of rain ending early this morning then clearing. Wind northeast 20 km/h, which is moderate according the Beaufort Wind Force Scale. High 11 Celsius. UV index 6 or high.”

After the foreboding forecast, what an enjoyable surprise it was to see the sun emerge from the overcast sky.

The species of trees we planted included: white oak, American elm, pin oak, red maple, burr oak, sycamore, basswood, swamp white oak, silver maple, Shumard oak, tulip tree and eastern cottonwood.

Little River Corridor Park, between Riverside Drive and Tecumseh Road, has now benefitted from the planting of 20,681 trees and shrubs since May 1990. The recreational trails throughout the area will permit people to make the desired connection with nature. They may even be lucky enough to experience the different species of wildlife that call this area home. Wildlife observed in the area on the day of the tree planting included: Canada goose, mute swan, red-winged blackbird, turkey vulture, American robin, killdeer and mallard duck.

Tree planting
Volunteers plant trees in Little River Corridor Park on Earth Day. Photo by Ian Naisbitt

Planning for the event was done by the Essex Region Conservation Authority, Detroit River Canadian Cleanup (DRCC) and City of Windsor. The DRCC paid for the trees with funds from the Ontario Ministry of Environment and Climate Change.

“Never say there is nothing beautiful in the world anymore. There is always something to make you wonder in the shape of a tree, the trembling of a leaf.” — Albert Schweitzer

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Heritage Committee Earth Day Bake Sale

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Heritage Committee Earth Day Bake Sale

Written by Cathy Lapain for The Egret – Issue 35 – Number 2

The long-awaited sunshine brought many people out to Malden Park to attend 2019’s Earth Day celebrations. Several people stopped by our booth to check out all the wonderful baked goods donated by some of our members.

We had a very good variety of bake goods this year including cupcakes with colourful sprinkles on them and watermelon shaped Rice Krispie squares, which were both popular with the kids, and several pies that where bought almost immediately.

Many thanks to Pauline Renaud, Aileen Petrozzi, Donna Vazzoler, Nevaeh LePage, Claire McAllister, Jessica Middleton, Shirley Grondin, JoAnn Grondin, Louise Masse, Jessica Chedour, Pearl Bradd, Carl Maioloni, Ellen van Wageningen and Cathy Lapain for baking for this event.

Thank you to Denise Hartley, Donna Vazzoler, Nevaeh Lepage, Pauline Renaud, Aileen Petrozzi and Linda-Menard Watt for helping to sell the baked goods throughout the day.

A big thank you to everyone who came out to our Earth Day bake sale and bought all our goodies up. Thanks to JoAnn Grondin for helping with the setup at 8 a.m. and the cleanup afterwards.

Cookies, cupcakes with colourful sprinkles and watermelon shaped Rice Krispie squares were among the goodies at the 2019 Earth Day bake sale.
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Earth Day Bake Sale

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Please join us at Malden Park for a Heritage Committee fundraiser 10:00a.m. To 3:00p.m. Looking for volunteers to donate bake goods and also help out at the booth. (You don’t need to belong to the Heritage Committee). Please contact Cathy Lapain at We need a lot of bake goods to make this fundraiser a success, so please donate generously. If you can’t help by donating bake goods or helping out at the booth, please drop by and buy some goodies!

NOTE:  If you are donating cookies or squares please packaged in 6’s or 12’s for easy pricing. Please cover all baked goods with clear plastic wrap.

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