ECFNC 34th Annual Dinner – Saturday, November 3, 2018

Written by JoAnn Grondin, Heritage Committee Coordinator for The Egret – Issue 34 – Number 4

Our Annual Dinner went very well thanks to our volunteers, those who attended, our speaker Tom Hince and our MC Steve Marks.  It was a very pleasant evening and I have lots of people to thank.  Without their help, this dinner could not take place. So, thank you to . . .

Ticket Sales:  Carl Maiolani, Ojibway Nature Centre staff, Pelee Wings staff, and me.  Our online sales were coordinated by Kory Renaud.

Set up:  Pauline Renaud, Shirley Grondin, Carl Maiolani and me.

Reception Desk:  Pauline Renaud and Kathy Lesperance.

Cashiers: Cathy Lapain, Bonnie Ross and Shirley Grondin.

The following members brought desserts:  Cathy Lapain, Shirley Grondin, Gina Pannunzio, Peggy Hurst (and me).  I apologize if I have missed anyone.

Our MC:  Steve Marks did another remarkable job.

Congratulations to Pauline Renaud, our Outstanding Achievement Award recipient.  Pauline has been a member for over 25 years and has been very helpful with Club events over the years.

Our Guest Speaker, Tom Hince, gave and interesting presentation on the history of Point Pelee, also providing some really nice pictures of the past, some of the many migrating birds that stop at the Park and some who call it home.

To Paul Pratt for introducing our guest speaker and for thanking him.

To Pauline Renaud for drawing the names for the door prize winners.

To the people who donated door prizes: Cathy Lapain, Vicki Trivett, Joe Parent, Teresa Austrin, Ralph Benoit, Peggy Hurst, Paul Pratt (and me). There were lots of door prizes so I know that I missed some people, but I don’t know who I missed.  I apologize to anyone that I missed.

For donating silent auction items: Tom Henderson, Sheeva Nakhaie, Ralph Benoit, Dave Kraus, Glenn Dennis and the estate of Melvin Dennis, Karen Cedar, Lynda Corkum, Aileen Petrozzi, Conrad Dippel, Claire and Jim McAllister, Back Road Café, Bowman Renaud Tax Services, Cathy Lapain, Peggy Hurst, Darlene Stracke, Paul Pratt, Shirley Grondin, Friends of Ojibway Prairie, Bonnie Ross, Jennifer Bechard – Lee Valley, Native Trees & Plants, Bob Wickett, Bob Hall-Brooks, Teresa Austrin, (and me).

To the Fogolar Furlan staff.  The meal was very good, the service was great and the desserts were no calories, just yummy.

Thank you to all who attended.  It was a great crowd and an exceptionally pleasant evening!!

Pauline Renaud, winner of the Outstanding Achievement Award with Paul Pratt, ECFNC President

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